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There was a time when travelling to an international destination seemed like a tedious and costly affair. Now with growing number of airlines all around the world, getting to any city in the world has become very simple. There are hundreds of airliners operating to the United Arab Emirates every day making Dubai international airport into the world busiest airport.
Flying since 1949, this carrier is based in Tunis the capital city of Tunisia, and is the nation’s flag carrier airline. Operating a fleet of brand new fleet of airbus A320 aircrafts the carrier takes pride in its supreme safety standards. The airliner flies to many cities in the UAE.

Experience the UAE and beyond with TunisAir flights!

Passengers can fly directly to cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah with booking on TunisAir flights. Tickets can be booked on the companies’ official ticketing website or via a mobile application which is accessible to people who are always on the move. Travelling by this airliner will not only get people to their destination but also add a pleasant and comfortable journey.

The airline also has an easy to use online check-in system which allows passenger to check-in via the airlines website from their home or at the office. This in turn means that passenger can avoid standing in long lines at the airport. Self check-in kiosks are placed at airports allowing passenger to simple scan their tickets, print out the boarding pass and proceed to the aircraft. Fly with this carrier to the UAE and experience more than just a journey.


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